put your color into this world


A mobile preset pack made to make life feel and look more bold and colorful. These presets are designed from my exact desktop editing preset that I use on every session I photograph. Let this preset bring life to your mobile images and help you create a consistent and visually appealing feed of photos.


Brighter Daze Preset Pack

*Note - these presets are only compatible with the lightroom mobile app


You deserve for life to feel bright, bold and full of feeling. That's why I designed these presets. 
I have been using the same preset for the last TEN YEARS i've been in busy. Has it been tweaked, altered and grown along side me? Absolutely. But it's consistently been the way I've felt recognized. 

And I want that for you!

These presets add color and vibrance to any image, immediately making us feel all warm and fuzzy inside like nostalgia when looking back on favorite moments! 

Let's feel nostalgic everyday. Let's put our own color into this world. God knows, we need it. 


To download your presets follow the instructions below
1. Download the lightroom mobile app on your phone.
2. Save all of your images to your phone's camera roll from the download link provided.
3. Open each in lightroom and click the three dots at the top right.
4. Click "create preset" and save as name provided.
5. find your new presets under "user presets" when applying to new photos!
6. Use #brookemichellepresets when sharing on Instagram so I can show you off!

In the meantime, you can see a how to video for editing with your new presets HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

what device can I use these presets on?

Either a Droid or an iPhone! These are for the Lightroom mobile app, so any device that has access to the app, is perfect for editing! 

how do I download the presets?

Once you purchase and buy your Brighter Daze preset pack you will receive a download of all five preset DNG's as well as a file explaining how to download your presets, and a "how to" editing video to get you started!

do I need previous photo editing knowledge to use these?

Not at all! I walk you through how to get started! This is the perfect way to have professional looking images at all times, without any previous knowledge!

can I share the presets with others?

Unfortunately, no. This violates our stores policies and copyrights. Tell them where they can purchase their own set to support small!

what is a preset?

A preset is a pre-made saved editing technique inside of a specific app to help create consistent edits and get you to your desired edit faster!

what's included in the pack?

Glad you asked :) You receive four color presets made for four different lighting situations so you always know when to apply them! And one black and white preset that is good for all lighting conditions!

will my photos look exactly like yours if I buy these presets?

The short answer is yes! The long answer is lighting, location and other factors come into play when editing! That's why I include a getting started video with the presets to help you become a pro, fast!

do you issue refunds or accept returns?

Since the presets are a digital download, they can not be returned so no refunds will be issued! If you have problems with your presets, feel free to use the contact form and I will guide you how to use them best I can!